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Apology Accepted, Ziiso – Now Let’s Talk Business

For the last two weeks we’ve been following the release of the first Iron Sky pirate product, an iPad game made by a Chinese company Ziiso. The game has remarkable similarities to our film, starting with the name and ending with actual graphics and so on, but nobody from Ziiso had contacted us about the release of the game. We reported this over to Apple, and they kindly suggested Ziiso to remove the game from the store, which also happened.

But that’s not all. The fine gentlemen at Ziiso took the time and apologized us through Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland), after being contacted by a reporter. They told in their apology that as sci-fi fans they’d been blown away by the Iron Sky visuals and the idea, and wanted to remodel their game after our film. As film makers, this is of course heartwarming to hear.

So, Ziiso: apology accepted.

Now, let’s talk business.

You have been inspired by our work, and created a game based on it. Ok, you didn’t do it exactly by the book, but now that you realized it you apologized and removed the game from the store, all is well.

Then again, we’d like to do a game for iPads and iPhones. So the question is: why not work together?

Here’s an idea – let’s unify the graphics with the Iron Sky story, fix the main problems of the game, and do a fair deal about the revenue. Once the game is out as an official and licensed Iron Sky product, we’ll start putting the word out there, and everybody wins.

What you say? If the idea is good, drop a line to pekka@blindspot.fi and let’s make some history together!

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